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My name is Bekki, I am 21 years old & live in Hull with my partner Will. I study business as well as working, and make cards in my spare time.. this hobby is quite new to me but my mum has been crafting for a while and it has rubbed off onto me!

Friday, 4 March 2011

I told you....

That i am awful when it comes to keeping up to date with blogs!! Well i finally got my 50 decoupage.. the eBay seller sent them to the wrong house number.. When she got a bit snotty in her email telling me ''As i said they have been sent to 2 *address*" i had to laugh as i actually live at number 3! So it was her own fault all along...

Anyway that's all done with i now have quite a large collection of decoupage sheets as the craft shop around the corner from us is closing and she is selling all hers off for 10p a sheet! i've been 3 times this past week and keep picking up bits & bobs for myself and my mum! Not long to go until the craft fair at NEC! can't wait to go get some crafty bargains i'm also holding out for that to get some promarkers! hoping they have the same 4 packs for £20 deal on those this year! ;-)

Think that is all about i have to say! i havn't made many cards lately though i made one today for Wills grandma which i will post when i've uploaded it to my laptop!

Ta'ra for now! Bekki xx

Friday, 25 February 2011

day 3!

I have nothing to update with but i just thought i would keep this going! Havn't made any cards the last few days as i'm still feeling under the weather!! Though today i did go to a local craft shop to discover it's closing down got a few very cheap bits and intend on returning before it closes in April! Pretty sure i don't have any followers so i am effectively just speaking to myself ;-) oh i still don't have my decoupage! i have emailed the seller to find out when they posted them as i bought them last tuesday and am getting a little more & more impatient!
I'm at work all weekend so doubt i will post... Until next time, Ta'ra! xx

Thursday, 24 February 2011

day 2 of blogging

Ok, i'm not very good at keeping up to date with things so for the first couple of days i'm really good  but then i'll forget about it for a while... I'm still absoloutely full of cold and waiting once again for the postman to bring my decoupage!! I'm giving it until tomorrow before i send a snotty email to the seller ;-)
Today i have been uploading my photos to my docrafts profile and thought i would post a few previous cards on here! Let me know what you think.... Love Bekki xx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

First post!

Hello! Sat here on this Wednesday morning feeling sorry for myself as I am absoloutely full of cold! Waiting for the post man to see if he has finally got my pack of 50 decoupage bargain that i got from eBay last week for £4.98!! I'm not really sure what else to say but i thought i could use this as a place to upload all my makes and what i get up to such as dragging Will along to craft shops :-)